A Story from a Biologist at Brandon University

During this time, I have taught three online classes for a total of 9 hours (due to tech difficulties, this quickly becomes 10 hours) per week. I have worked for 14 hours per day (at the very least 80 hours/week of work with no weekend or break) to accommodate all of the needs associated with teaching, research and services during a crisis. In terms of research, I have also had to shut down lab work, which has cost me several thousand dollars of biologicals and work and the research will be delayed for at least three months. In addition to my work, I have a seven-year-old daughter in grade 2, who has also required care and assistance while Brandon School Division started online teaching.

The word to describe the effect this has had on students, faculty, and staff is “stress”. I have seen around me affected by COVID-19: anxious students, friends, colleagues, and families, here and abroad. Ironically my research focuses on how ‘oxidative stress cause chronic diseases in human’.

I have my entire family in India, right at the epicenter of Covid-19. Due to a time difference of 12 hours, I would stay up literally all night having conversation overseas and then be up all-day teaching or preparing for teaching.

As a dedicated professor and scientist, I am fully devoted to my services and always want what is best for my students. I feel threatened and angry by the government’s proposed cuts to higher education.