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The Manitoba government has chosen to use COVID-19 as an opportunity to impose an austerity agenda that will hurt public services and all Manitobans.

Post-secondary institutions have been asked to make cuts to their budgets. These cuts will affect thousands of workers and will undermine our capacity to innovate and deliver good quality education. These cuts are just the beginning in the government’s attacks to Manitoba’s public sector. 

This is wrong.

Now is not the time to cut public services. It is a time for increased public investment in our public services. It is time support public sector workers and the vital role these workers hold in Manitoba’s battle against COVID-19. 

Join our campaign and fight with us to support Manitoba’s public services and call on the provincial government to:

  1. Publicly acknowledge that the province of Manitoba is in the middle of the pack with respect to provincial debt to GDP levels in Canada. Like other provinces, it has the power to invest in the future.
  2. Cancel all cuts to the public sector and fund all the public services necessary to ensure our economy and social fabric will outlast the virus.
  3. Provide a clear plan for economic recovery that acknowledges the need to maintain a vital public sector, including post-secondary education.
  4. Provide detailed information on how much, and where, our tax money is being spent to ensure the health of Manitobans.
  5. Acknowledge that the provincial government is sending mixed messages: in public they claim their cuts are temporary, but in private they say they are permanent, and they refuse proposals that would avoid layoffs.
  6. Instead of diminishing public institutions vital to the economic and social fabric of the province, the government must increase University funding and autonomy!

Will you sign?